Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Baby Shampoo as Face Cleaner?

One of my friends uses Baby Shampoo for a lot of things. She uses first for her hair, but what is odd to me is that she uses it as a face cleaner too. I told her that my eye doctor told me to try baby shampoo for my dry eye, I just use it round my eye like I was showed, not my whole face. She uses it to remove makeup and everyday in the place of a face cleaner too. She says that it works really good and that since I use it anyways to just try as she does. I want to know if anyone else has used this too and has similar results or if it is just her.Baby Shampoo as Face Cleaner?
It depends on how much sulfate is in the shampoo. Sulfate will dry out your skin. Baby shampoos are quite gentle and may actually be more gentle than a lot of facial cleansers. Ingredients are listed in order of how much there is in it. Highest ingredient listed first %26amp; least one listed last. Just be certain to use a good moisturizer.Baby Shampoo as Face Cleaner?
It is perfectly fine to use. I work in the hospital and many doctors tell their patients they can use it. Like this one patient had dark circles around her eyes due to medications. The doctor told her to was her face with baby shampoo and then use hydocortisone. So keep on using it... you'll be fine!!!
No it is not good for your face but you should use baby wipes!!!!!
try it. maybe it will work for your type of skin
My eye doctor told me to use it also, Its great to remove eye makeup and makeup in general. I have been using it for years.
I would say go for it. It is gentle. I have used it for my hair and although it seems to not work very well I like it.
hmmm..thank you for the idea!
i have never used shampoo of any kind on my face, but i do use baby shampoo on my hair almost all the time and it works great. baby products are good for adults, too, because they're so gentle. i would say go ahead and try it if you want - if you don't like it, you can always go back to your original cleanser.
When my son was a baby, I often used baby shampoo to wash my face. It worked great! It was gentle and didn't burn my eyes. It washed off my makeup easily. It was cheaper than most facial soap too. I tried it in my hair but for me it didn't work so well. It left my hair limp .
baby shampoo is a mild soap. if its gentle enough for a baby, well it works for me too. and I'm 50. my face ain't fallen off yet.

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