Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Can I use baby shampoo for my Yorkie?

I know it sounds weird but, it makes sense to me, she has sensitive skin and doesn't burn her eyes.Can I use baby shampoo for my Yorkie?
No it is better to use dog shampoo %26amp; it is NOT tearless for pets. They have a different ph than us. If your dog has sensitive skin, any human shampoo will be wrong %26amp; too strong for her skin. She would need a hypo dog shampoo.Can I use baby shampoo for my Yorkie?
This is a homeopathic shampoo that you can make that will treat minor skin irritations, restore split ends, and restore luster to the coat, it will also help with flea and tick control.

You will need to wash your pet about every 5 to 6 days to ensure maximum results.


8 Oz Of your favorite shampoo

2 Oz Coconut Mill (canned)

2 Oz Apple Cider Vinegar

1 Tablespoon Fresh Lemon Juice

1 Oz Fresh Lemon Juice

1 Oz Witch Hazel

1 Teaspoon Avon Skin So Soft (for flea Repellant)

4 Oz Aloe Vera Juice (any type or form) Mix them all together and use as needed. After you put this on your pet and scrub it in let it stay on for 15 mins before you wash it off. %26gt;

But yes you can use baby shampoo just not all the time =)
Use dog shampoo for your dog. Dog shampoo is designed for dogs because their skin PH is different to ours.

Humans cannot use dog shampoo

Dogs should not be bathed in human shampoo.

Human shampoos dry your dogs skin, dry out the natural oils, causing skin irritation, burns , flaking and allergies.

Read this article ..link included.

More than half of the baby products recently tested by the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics were found to contain trace levels of formaldehyde and dioxane. Though the study didn't accuse Johnson %26amp; Johnson of dumping barrels of the potential carcinogens directly into their baby products, the dangerous chemicals can form during the manufacturing process as other ingredients break down. The full list of 48 tested baby shampoos, lotions, soaps, and wipes鈥攊ncluding some well-known products you probably have on your shelf鈥攊nside.


Formaldehyde is used for preserving dead bodies. It is a potent (poisonous) chemical.
i wouldn't. human shampoo and dog/cat shampoo has a different pH. Their shampoo makes our skin dry and itchy and vise versa. they do sell hypoallergenic shampoos for dogs with sensitive skin. Plus you can water it down AND they also have hypoallergenic conditioner for dogs. these shampoos and conditioners will not have added dies or purfumes. they often have things to help sooth the skin like aloe vera, oatmeal, mint, tea tree oil ect. i get my stuff from pet edge wich has an awesom selection but i'm sure the petstores have things similar also. and the groomers deffinatley have it. i work at a petsmart grooming. we have a lot of dogs that come in with skin problems.
yep you can but make sure it doesn't get into your dogs eyes. Dogs don't have the same tear duct as us, even water can hurt a dogs eye as they can't clear it as quick with tears as we can. Baby shampoo is much cheaper than dogs and it smells nicer. Make sure you don't wash your dog too much because you may wash away the coats natural oils that keep it clean and healthy.
Yes, it is a great idea. It is more gentle than most dog shampoo's and less expensive. Your also right about it not hurting their eyes

I use dog shampoo for my dog's body and baby shampoo for his face.
i don't have a dog but you probably can,but i would use dogie shampoo instead cuz they got stuff in it that helps dogs with there fur and skin,but if you cant afford dogie shampoo you can do baby shampoo.
Human shampoo is not suitable for dogs.

They make tearless, sensitive skin shampoo for dogs. Look for organic varieties without harsh detergents.
Yes you can. It's actually a very good option, especially if your little one has sensitive skin.
you sud not use people pro ducks on dogs Only dog safe stuff if You don't have Any you can use done dish sop it is safe on dogs and will kill fles
Yes, my dog got dry skin from puppy shampoo so i asked the vet and he said that baby shampoo would be better. Johnson baby shampoo is the best :)
Yes I use human shampoo on my dogs and they smell really nice and it doesn't bother them at all.
YES! I have been using it on my dog for 10 years because it won't burn his eyes if I goof up.
no idea. but wouldn't it just make more sense to use dog shampoo?

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